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Bridget Jones started a small play group from a room off the side of her house in 1996. Play Den’s first class consisted of six children.

First classroom of 1996 Class of 1996

The opportunity arose to build a four classroom school in the beautiful country surroundings of Chartwell Fourways... And thus Country Play Den was born!

As a principal, Bridget Jones believes that each child is a precious gift that she has the privilege to teach. She runs her school with a firm but loving hand and believes in the values of respect, manners; moments of achievement and in so doing this will build a solid foundation to build on for later years.

Children from the surrounding areas of Dairnfern, Broadacres, Cedar Lakes, Fourways and Lonehill all attend the school and as families grow so do the number of siblings who later join us too.

We pride ourselves in the relationships we form with the children as well as the parents.

Class of 2010   Country Play Den classroom


Principal Bridget Jones

Bridget is an educator, a counsellor, Mother and Gran.

She studied psychology in South Africa.
“For twenty years and more, Bridget Jones has been speaking to parents and educators about bringing up children.



Bridget Jones - Principal

Belinda Jones - Vice Principal

Sandy Lowe - Qualified Teacher

Carina Theron - Qualified Teacher

Eslii Sadie - Qualified Teacher

Support Staff

Moosa Hlahatsi

Gugu Nene

Annah Masenya

Minah Temane


“You have been his teacher, his sympathizer, his care giver, his mentor, his
'kisses of sores', his developer and stimulator, his explainer, his moral example."

“Thank you so much for making her Play group days so special.”

“Thank you for the lovely atmosphere your created for our daughter to learn in and the gentle unconditional love you extended to her and our family”

“Your enthusiasm, affection and warmth has meant so much to the whole family.”

“Thank you for your part in making our child the happy, curious and secure little girl she is today”

“Thank you for all your patience, assistance and giving, we really appreciate you!”

“Thank you for potty training, mending cuts and sores, lunches and all the special days!”


Across from the school is a function venue called George & Lucy’s and we have the benefit of using this wonderful venue for all school functions.

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Cell: 082-578-0468



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